“THE attack by brazen fascists with masked features against Thanos Pleuris, of his wife and young children, at noon, in a restaurant in Petralona, ​​is a direct attack on democracy itself and the right every citizen to move freely and to feel safe” emphasizes in his statement the minister of state and government representative Akis Skertsos.

He emphasizes that those who believe that there are homeless people in our cities that belong to them, they are outside the democratic arc and are a threat to the rule of law.

In addition, Mr. Skertsos calls on the parties to express their immediate and harsh condemnation”in the face of such phenomena of the extermination of society by all kinds of lovers of chaos and extremes”.

Varvitsiotis: Fascist actions have no place in a democratic society

“Thumbs and this type of fascist actions have no place in a democratic society,” says Deputy Foreign Minister Miltiadis Varvitsiotis, referring to the attack on Health Minister Thanos Pleuris. “Especially when children are also targeted,” he adds.