“We’re living in 2009 again. The country was already on the brink, its foundations were shaky and falling apart, we were headed straight for disaster, and we had a New Democracy government that wanted us to gloat and cheer that we were an armored economy. , PASOK told us that we are in the hard core of the eurozone, and of course that there is money and everyone will become richer. We are living something similar now.”

This was emphasized today at noon by Carditsathe head of Mere25-Alliance for Rupture, Yanis Varoufakis in the context of a press conference, presenting at the same time the party’s ballot for the Regional Unit of Karditsa. And Mr. Varoufakis explained:

“Government of the New Democracy, an armored economy, let’s not risk,” says Mr. Mitsotakis, the stability that the New Democracy has brought… What stability? And here comes Mr. Tsipras with announcements, new Thessaloniki programs, new benefits, billions from here, billions from there…”. We, he continued, speaking about Day25-Alliance for the Break, “we are not populists, we are not saying, for example, that we will increase your pensions, we will give them to God. We are saying that the fund is minus…”. Still Mr. Varoufakis emphasized that in a bankrupt economy, VAT cannot be at 24%, higher than Germany. We will proceed with a rapid reduction of VAT rates to 15% and formation of the minimum rate at 0%, so that ordinary households can save every month money for their survival.

“We do not generate money”, he concluded by emphasizing, “they generate through the bankruptcy of our fellow human beings. We do not make announcements, we will generate money and give it to you as SYRIZA and PASOK do, we have no money to give you, we are talking specifically, we can protect you from looting, and that is the difference we have with the three memorandum parties,” he also emphasized. Speaking the head of Mera25 – Alliance for the Break, for the strengthening of agricultural income, after a related question, he emphasized that policies are needed that will ensure a decent income, reduce production costs, market consolidation policies, a new production model and from the principle healthy cooperatives. At the same time, he called on the other parties to support free journalism, to support, as he said, the basic rules of parliamentarianism, the essence of electoral legislation.

More specifically, he said: “Let me start with an official complaint of MeRA25-Alliance for Breakup. MeRA25-Alliance for Break-up denounces the crude and open exclusion of the representatives of our faction from the channel and media of mass deception of Mr. Vangelis Marinakis.

I will refer to three incidents:

The first pass occurred on April 26. Our Parliamentary Representative and Member of Parliament for the Northern Sector of Athens Kleon Grigoriadis was invited to the show of Mrs. Niki Lymperakis on Mega. At the last minute he was summoned to be told that he was no longer invited. The channel contacted Mr. Edman and asked for another representative because, according to the channel – not that we believe this – the political opponents who would be on the panel did not want Mr. Cleonas Grigoriadis. I don’t need to add anything. The very idea of ​​choosing your political opponent is abhorrent. Then, the officials of Mega lied to our Press Office, that after all they will not invite him, because the panel will be smaller, it will be only the big parties. In the end, as it turned out, the panel was quite large, only MeRA25-Alliance for the Rupture was not there.

A few days later, a very good journalist, Dimitris Maniatis, who also works for Mr. Marinakis at the TA NEA newspaper, asked me for an interview, which I gave fully and comprehensively. However, when the interview was to be published in TA NEA newspaper on May 8, Mr. Marinakis intervened and forbade the publication of the interview.

The third episode happened yesterday. Michalis Kritharidis, who was a press representative before Eric Edman, and today is a candidate for parliament in the 1st district of Thessaloniki, was invited again to the show of Mrs. Lymberakis. Again at the last minute he was informed that he was no longer invited, again with the excuse that the panel would be smaller and the minor parties would not be shown. In the end, the panel was big, all the parliamentary parties were there and in the place of Michalis Kritharidis was Mrs. Despina Koutsoumba from ANTARSYA. We have no problem with Mrs. Koutsoumba and ANTARSYA being on the panel”.

Mr. Varoufakis underlined that “our complaint does not concern journalists. We are trying to protect journalists” and called on the other parties to take a stand and support free journalism, the basic rules of parliamentarianism, the electoral legislation regarding representation of the parties during, at least, the pre-election period.

He also mentioned that “the battle with the oligarchy without borders is tough. We do not complain, we embrace the hatred of Mr. Marinakis, we know that it is not only Mr. Marinakis, it is also Mr. Alafouzos who has sued Cleonas Grigoriadis, because he told the truth about the transfer of Putin’s oil from the tankers of both Mr. Alafouzou and Mr. Marinakis, Mr. Vardinogiannis, Mr. Latsis, and the rest of the London shipowners. We know that the oligarchy without borders she will fight us with all her legal and illegal means.

We embrace their hostility but we have a sacred obligation as MeRA25-Alliance for Break to call on other progressive citizens, even if they do not agree with MeRA25-Alliance for Break, to join us in this fight for basic democratic rights of Greek women, of the Greeks. Against the open undermining of the Republic, we democrats have a sacred obligation to stand together.

We proceed with a smile and with the joy of disturbing those who unlawfully and illegally undermine the Republic.

Finally referring to the work situation of today’s young people after a related question, Mr. Varoufakis spoke about low wages and incomes, about casual and insecure work and the appearance of temporary worker companies with what this implies for labor rights.