By Penelope Galliou

Alexis Tsipras threw another card on the table of post-election scenarios yesterday with the on special purpose government igniting political controversy and fueling yet another murky scenario just twenty-four hours before the polls.

The fact that the president of SYRIZA chose, during the cross-channel interview he granted, to add to his post-election plans, in addition to the possibility of a government of the defeated or a government of tolerance, and the “extremist” scenario of a special purpose government, – as characterized by the government side – reveals the panic of Koumoundourou commented on by government officials, adding that Alexis Tsipras cannot hide his abysmal passion for power as an end in itself.

After all, what is proposed by Megaros Maximos from the first moment when the “second thoughts” were formulated for the post-election scenarios of Koumoundourou for possible “alternative” government schemes, is that all possibilities “and the three governments that SYRIZA is considering – defeated, tolerance or special purpose – only lead to paralysis and ungovernability of the country.

The prime minister himself, moreover, during his television interview with ANT1, commented on the new developments as unheard of, leaving clear pointers for the targeting of such a special purpose government. “Just before the end, the masks fell,” said o Kyriakos Mitsotakis, adding that “I did not imagine that the government of losers would become a government of the desperate. Something unheard of in Greek terms, that is, a government that will have no other job than to investigate the wiretapping scandal. I wonder if this government would also interfere in the judiciary,” he said, adding that the issue of wiretapping is in the judiciary and anyone who wants can request a new convening of the Investigative Committee in the next Parliament.

He accused Alexis Tsipras and the government representative, Akis Skertsos, of an extremist plan to govern the country, arguing that “Mr. Tsipras certifies irrevocably that he is only interested in power and not the well-being of the Greek people.” He noted, that “at a time of major international crises, national challenges and a dire need for stability and strong leadership he is open to any extremist plan of government that serves his blind aims. 2023 is not 2015. The citizens will not follow him because they do not want to live a “second time to calamity”. Voting for New Democracy is the best answer to the reckless adventures” concluded Mr. Skertsos.

Reinforcing its positions, the government is re-placing the issue of Turkey high on its agenda, which based on last Sunday’s election results and ahead of the repeat elections on May 28, seems to be heading for a stable government and consequently Greece it should not march blindly, with governmental instability that will cause delays and obstacles in all critical fields of the country.

“A special purpose government will not be able to pay pensions and deal with Turkey, it will be a government of paralysis” observed Kyriakos Mitsotakis, estimating that from SYRIZA “They want to send us to prison, to save their chairs” while in the cadre of he also blamed Nikos Androulakis, noting that “Citizens must know that, by voting for Androulakis, Tsipras will come out the back door”.

The stake for the blue faction, however, remains the need for stability and in the face of the irregular scenarios of government formations with which SYRIZA is “flirting”, as they comment, they contrast the need for an independent stable government by calling the citizens to the ballot box on May 21 to give a resounding “no” to the relaxed vote and to give the ND the ticket in the second ballots to continue its work with a second government term.