The two documentaries by Pavlos Tsimas take us on a journey through half a century of history, as captured by the mirror of the ballot box.

In 18 electoral contests, from 1974 to 2019, which marked our lives and changed Greece. Where was each match decided? Which persons starred? What decisions determined developments? What social currents shaped the results?

Political figures, who played a crucial role in their time, such as Yiannis Varvitsiotis, Maria Damanakis, Stefanos Manos, Paraskeuas Avgerinos and Telemachus Chytiris testify. The same with people who were associated with the history of the elections, such as Nikos Dimou, Andreas Drymiotis, Tasos Birsim.

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Academics, such as George Mavrogordatos, Vasiliki Georgiadou, Nikos Marantzidis, Vassilis Vamvakas and experienced political scientists and election analysts, such as Panos Stathopoulos, Lefteris Kousoulis, Yiannis Loulis, Dimitris Mavros, Thodoris Georgakopoulos, Stratos Fanaras , Eutychis Vardoulakis, Giorgos Sefertzis, Giorgos Arapoglou decipher the secrets of numbers and take us on a tour behind the scenes of politics.

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The first documentary, on Thursday 18 May, records the cycle of the rise, from the fall of the dictatorship, the return of Constantinos Karamanlis, the rise of Andreas Papandreou, the genesis of Greek bipartisanship, the European effort of Greece, the era of great passions and the separate cafes, the conflict between Papandreou – Mitsotakis and Simitis – Karamanlis, until the triumphant summer of 2004, the Olympic Games and the Euro.

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The second documentary, on Friday 19 May, takes as its starting point the great electoral earthquake of May 2012, the collapse of the political system and its reconstitution, on new terms, in June 2012. It looks back at the early signs of the crisis, the elections of 2007 and 2009, while then following the rise of Alexis Tsipras and SYRIZA in the double elections of 2015, until the victory of Kyriakos Mitsotakis in the first, post-crisis, elections of 2019.


On Thursday 18 and Friday 19 May at 21.00 on SKAI