The reaction of the representative of New Democracy Akis Skertsou caused by the speech of Alexis Tsipras to the Central Committee of SYRIZA.

“And crooked is the eye and blind is the people.” This is basically what Mr. Tsipras told us in his speech tonight, trying to close with concise procedures the self-criticism that he failed to do in 4 years”, he notes.

As the ND representative stated, “Mr. Tsipras repeated in a speech, everything he said for four years as an opposition and trumpeted during the pre-election period. We will not stand for the usual lies, such as the privatization of water, or the “black” prospects of the country if they do not vote for him. After all, the citizens responded to the ballot box. And they will do it again. But he added to the political descent of SYRIZA another exceptionality. To say that he is self-criticizing, that he thinks and reflects, and immediately after repeating monotonously that it is everyone else’s fault. The parties that did not cooperate in the simple analogy, the “oligarchs” that he never names, and of course
the “arrogant ruler” Mitsotakis. And above all, that the citizens are to blame. Because according to him they became more conservative”.

However, added the representative of the ND, he left unanswered the most critical questions, such as why he does not support national policies such as guarding the borders on the Evros or why he supports and still supports the toxic Mr. Polakis. And, above all, why he did not fulfill his minimal duty to democracy, by not participating in the front for the exclusion of the party of the criminal organization Kasidiaris.

“For these and many more he did not speak nor did he allow the officials of his party to speak, which he urged to submit their thoughts in writing.”

“From the above we conclude, therefore, that the period of real self-criticism and introspection will last more than three days in SYRIZA. Fortunately, until it is completed, Greece will continue to look steadily, boldly, forward” concludes Mr. Skertsos.