The head of the Central Committee of the KKE Dimitris Koutsoubasin an interview with the newspaper “Ta Nea Savvatokyriako” he characterizes the opposition of the ND-SYRIZA-PASOK as provocative “which have ruled for years and have literally “scratched” our people with taxes, while all of them have protected them as “eyeballs” the legal tax immunity enjoyed by large business groups”.

“We say that in order for the people to win, the “few” must lose,” he underlines and adds: “And if you tell me that this will make the “patriotic” investors leave the country, we say to them “good time”. In any case, the companies are not “worked” by them, but by the workers and scientists of our country, who can continue to do so much better, having taken all the wealth and the means by which it is produced into their own hands, in framework of power-governance proposed by the KKE».

Regarding simple proportionality and the formation of governments, he said that “simple proportionality was and is the fairest electoral system within the current framework of bourgeois democracy. From there, coalition governments are formed between parties that have common or similar programs and such parties today are the ND, SYRIZA, PASOK. Maybe others too, but certainly not the KKE, whose program moves in the complete opposite direction.”

“As it turns out, Mr. Tsipras, the most proportional system he brought – and which was not pure simple proportional – he did not bring it out of a sense of justice, but to blackmail other political forces to give him support for the “progressive” government – “muff ” that he wanted to make” he pointed out, adding “the electoral law that will come into force on June 25 he is even more unfair, since he restores the unacceptable seat bonus to the first party, and that is why we voted against him.”

Asked what the dilemma of June 25 is for the KKE, he said “from these elections will emerge a new anti-popular and – as everything shows – independent ND government. The question is whether a worker, a popular person, will choose to give consent to this anti-popular policy, either by voting directly for the ND, or by voting for the parties that will continue to “put their back” on it, or whether they will choose to put up obstacles , he will look at how he can have more conquests and open a different path, in collaboration with the KKE”.

As for whether the KKE is setting a bar for the result, he said “we want to keep the 26 parliamentary seats that the people gave us on May 21, and if possible increase them. This means that our percentage must rise even more because we have an even more unfair electoral law that can only be “disused” in this way. We also want to maintain the third place in Attica, to maintain and strengthen the double-digit percentages in working-class neighborhoods, in areas where important struggles developed in the past period”.

Regarding the difference between the opposition of the KKE and the other parties, he emphasized that “it will be a 100% real, militant, popular opposition. SYRIZA and PASOK overvoted 50% and 70% respectively of ND bills in the previous four years and will continue to do the same, they will form a convenient and consensual “opposition”.

“We are not waiting for the elections to exercise the opposition we promise. We are doing it from now on, every day, preventing public housing auctions and evictions of people from their homes, contributing to the signing of Collective Labor Agreements with wage increases, with workers’ health protection measures,” he added.

Regarding the characteristics of the new government, he noted that “it will be worse, just as every subsequent government that comes is worse, because the system that these governments serve is becoming worse and more aggressive”, adding “Mr. Mitsotakis, after all, is not hiding” words””.

Asked about the necessity of a strong government in view of crises with Turkey, he noted, among other things, that “strong” governments “since 1952 have included Greece in NATO which does not recognize the Greek border in the Aegean, rewarding the unacceptable claims of the Turkish bourgeoisie”.

“Therefore, we cannot have any trust in anti-popular governments, which, even in the issues of Greek-Turkish relations, move in dangerous “loopholes” in order to once again satisfy the interests of the ruling class and its foreign allies,” emphasized D. Koutsoumbas.

He said that the progressive people of the country “have nothing substantial to expect from movements and processes in the center-left” and emphasized that “they need to be freed from all these forces that systematically attack the concept of progress and end up being its best sponsors.” “right””.

“We, in any case, address the people with social and class criteria and not by putting them “labels”” said D. Koutsoumbas calling for the support of the KKE “and the popular people who voted for the ND on May 21, succumbing to their logic “lesser evil”.