Its president continued his pre-election tour in Kilkis of New Democracy, Kyriakos Mitsotakisnoting that in the June 25 polls, “there is only one convincing proposal for governance.”

Mr. Mitsotakis spoke about the New Democracy program and his vision for a modern and strong Greece at all levels.

In more detail, the speech of the ND president to citizens in Kilkis:

I remember a visit I made here in your area in 2017 – it must have been the time when tragic situations prevailed here a little above, in Idomeni. You remember them too. And what is the current situation in the refugee here? Much, much better.

I promised that we would solve this problem and we did. For all the local communities that welcomed refugees and immigrants, but above all, friends, for our islands, for our citizens and fellow citizens who are in Evros.

And here from Kilkis, from the northern end of the country, I want to send a message: the policy of guarding the borders of our country will continue, without discounts. The fence in Evros will be completed. Our border guards will become more and more numerous and everyone will know that Greece is a country that has borders on land, in the air and at sea and we have an obligation to protect these borders.

And this strong Greece, this patriotic Greece, this Greece of social sensitivity, is a Greece that we envision and I ask you to join us to build it even more solidly.

Many times and in the context of the election campaign we did before the ballot box on May 21, I likened my dream for our homeland to a house that is half finished. We’ve laid the foundation, we’ve started building the floors, but we’re not done yet.

The work must be completed, with a second four-year term of New Democracy, with a strong, stable parliamentary majority. To go faster on the road to development, to create more and well-paid jobs, to support productive investments.

We will build the new NHS in defiance of those who hypocritically claim to care about public health, but because we also remember their projects and days when they were in things, citizens know that yes, there are still problems, don’t be under any illusions. But you know if today your hospital has more doctors and more nurses than it used to have.

And I want you to know that for me the support of the National Social Security, the support of the EKAB, the possibility of being able to make transfers quickly and safely – wherever one of our fellow citizens is – this is a project that I will undertake personally and implement the second four-year period.

Because you know there’s one thing I’m never going to put the citizens in question and that’s the relationship of trust that we’ve built.

We’ve known each other for quite some time now. You know you can trust me as I trust you. What I am telling you about the second four-year period will be implemented by the Government of the New Democracy.

We have supported society and we will always continue to support it, but beware of the surplus of development. We will further reduce taxes, because we know that the reduction of taxes is what ultimately fuels investment and creates good jobs. I wonder if our political opponents can say the same.

In this ballot box, friends, there is actually only one convincing proposal for governance. This message was also sent by the Greek people at the ballot box on May 21, when they rewarded hard work, they rewarded consistency, because I kept what I told you in the 2019 pre-election campaign.

He rewarded political decency and said no to toxicity, division, hatred, black Greece. He voted for a brighter, more optimistic Greece and we have every right today to reasonably hope that things will get better. The best days are ahead of us, but they are ahead of us only with a stable and strong Government of the New Democracy.

The last thing the country needs today, in this difficult geopolitical environment we find ourselves in, with a Turkey that is done with its own electoral backlog and re-elected President Erdoğan strong, the last thing we need is an unstable government in our homeland.

We have financial tools at our disposal, we know how to invest them. We are the first, mind you, we are the first today in Europe to absorb the resources of the Recovery Fund. The country could and did secure 31 billion, the first per capita absorption of Recovery Fund resources across Europe, do you know why? Because she regained her credibility. Because when we go to Europe today, Greece’s voice counts. We are no longer the “black sheep” of Europe. That is why what happens outside of Greece ultimately concerns us and concerns you all and that is why it is so important that this path of a stable and strong Greece can continue.

Looking at the electoral percentages, more broadly in Northern Greece, in our Macedonia, but also especially here in the region of Kilkis, I notice that yes, there are some smaller parties from the right of the New Democracy which achieved percentages which are not negligible.

I want to repeat what I also said in Oreokastro. If some people think that there are pieces unknown to all of us with hidden positions that they consider to express faith and Orthodoxy more authentically, they are wrong. Orthodoxy unites, not divides.

No one is more faithful than another. And why is he not entitled to be a politician considering that he has the favor of the Church. The Church cleared it up, huh? “Caesar’s to Caesar’s and God’s to God’s.”

The church unites, stays away from parties. We respect the constitutional enshrining of the roles of church and state. We have stood by the church in very difficult issues that it has had in the past four years, but we have never thought of exploiting the faith of the Greek people and we will not do it and you should not allow anyone to do it either.

That’s why I ask you to make this effort together to increase our rates even more. To those of our fellow citizens who have patriotic sensibilities – and I think we are all in this category – let us remind them who were the ones who brought the Rafales to the country, who are the ones who ordered the new frigates, who are the ones who strengthened our Armed Forces to such an extent that today Greece claims and exudes respect.

Who are the ones who made our country an undeniable factor of geopolitical stability in the Eastern Mediterranean? Who were the ones who made Alexandroupoli an energy hub for the entire Mediterranean? These didn’t happen, they succeeded.

The President of New Democracy, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, at a gathering of citizens in Koufalia, Thessaloniki, among other things, said:

In the midst of great difficulties we have kept our country standing, we have put our economy on a path of development, we have protected and are protecting our borders, because our country has borders in the air and at sea and on land, we have strengthened our armed forces, the voice of Greece is heard again with confidence abroad.

I am sure we have many farmer producers with us. You know better than us whether this Government supported the primary sector, how we reduced taxation for the farmers who work together, who was close to you in the Covid crises, who took extra money for the war for Ukraine. Who stood by you for compensation after natural disasters. We paid more than 1 billion euros in damages from natural disasters. Only the 500 million came from ELGA, the remaining 500 million came from the state budget.

And we were able to and gave this money, precisely because the economy is doing well. And when the economy is doing well, there is a surplus to support society in any difficulty. Because we don’t talk about our projects, we talk with our projects.

And we still have some backlogs here. A commitment of ours which we must implement here for northern Greece. Well, PAOK’s stadium as well. Never in Northern Greece, and especially in the wider area of ​​Thessaloniki, had such important, such large projects been launched.

Do you remember the talk about the Metro? In 2019 we received a tragic situation. I had the opportunity a month ago, I entered the Metro, I did the whole route and Thessaloniki at the beginning of 2024 will have both Metro and ancient.

Along with the other major infrastructure projects that are happening, from the Flyover to the new hospitals, the new cancer hospital. Let me say a word about this because you know it became a big issue regarding the issues of cancer treatments and I want to say again from here that what our Government has ensured is that every patient has access to the best possible treatment which his doctor will prescribe, regardless of cost and this policy will continue for all cancer patients.

And it’s really sad that those who pointed the finger at us for an inappropriate statement by a member of the New Democracy, now it is revealed that his own officials had said exactly the same things and don’t have the courage to at least acknowledge it. Two standards and two standards in these too, unfortunately, from the opposition, but because health issues are too serious, these issues, to be instrumentalized.

We, what we can guarantee, is that here, the greater area of ​​Thessaloniki, will finally have a modern anti-cancer hospital that will replace “Theagenio”, so that you can have access to the best possible quality of treatment for it the disease, which more or less has hit every Greek home.

Regarding the PAOK stadium, let me say one more thing, that in terms of urban planning, the Presidential Decree on land uses has been completed. We did what we had to do and now we have to work with the investor so that the PAOK stadium is finally built, so that you have no complaints here and that Thessaloniki also gets – at least in the first phase – a state-of-the-art football stadium.