MEP and head of PASOK’s Parliamentary Group in the European Parliament, Nikos Papandreou, was elected to the position of vice-president of the Security and Defense Subcommittee (SEDE), following a proposal by the Group of Socialists and Democrats.

On the occasion of his election, Mr. Papandreou underlined the need “to strengthen the role of the European Union in the field of Security and Defence’ citing the latest geopolitical developments, the war in Ukraine, the ongoing cyber attacks and international terrorism.

“Promoting cooperation and coordinated action in the field of defense between EU member states and our international partners must be our priority. Only through interaction and cooperation can we effectively address threats and challenges“, is emphasized in the statement issued by his office.

It is also recalled that the mission of the Subcommittee on Security and Defense of the European Parliament (SEDE) is to enable thorough public debate and parliamentary scrutiny of all EU actions in the area of ​​the Common Security and Defense Policy (CSDP). SEDE actively contributes to the shaping of the EU’s security and defense policy. The development of relations with strategic partners, including NATO and the UN, as well as with third countries that are advocates of the multilateral approach and the international order for peace, are also at the heart of SEDE’s activities.