Harilaou Trikoupis coldly and succinctly commented on the departure of Andreas Loverdos from PASOK-KINAL. Officials of the party limited themselves to commenting that “everyone makes their own choices and is judged by them”. In exactly the same mood, the parliamentary representative of PASOK-KINAL Dimitris Manzosspeaking to Sky 100.3 reiterated that everyone makes their choice and is judged by it.

Mr. Manzos emphasized that the departure of Andreas Loverdos is voluntary and added that it is too early to discuss the content of Mr. Loverdos’ letter to the president of PASOK, Nikos Androulakis.

He pointed out at the same time that in order to inspire PASOK-KINAL again, it should not aim to rally executives but to inspire the citizens with an alternative governance program.

“The invitation of the Movement should not be addressed to executives but to inspire the citizens”, stressed Mr. Manzos.

In a statement issued earlier today, Mr. Loverdos states:

“As of today, I resign from all PASOK-KINAL bodies, in which I participate.

I am also resigning as a member of the party. The reasons for my resignation are purely political and I set them out in a highly confidential letter today to the President of the Movement.

I wish the President, the executives and the thousands of members of PASOK-KINAL good success in their struggle and efforts.

PS: For the members, executives and voters of PASOK who loved me and I loved: my decision is for the good and above all crystal clear”.