“The route of SYRIZA is changing, but not its values,” he noted speaking to the Thessaloniki radio station Status 107.7 Kostas Zachariadis, member of the Political Secretariat of the party, regarding the internal party processes on the way to the election of a new leadership.

Asked if the new leader of the official opposition will be charged with a possible failure in the upcoming municipal elections, Mr. Zachariadis emphasized:

“In any case I think it is too hasty to judge the new leadership of SYRIZA from the result of the self-governing elections. The first stop will be the European elections at the end of May 2024, and in my opinion, the crucial point is the next national elections, whenever they take place.

“And I want to say something, we will elect a president in the party, neither a king, nor a ruler.

All together we are and will be in the leadership and at the forefront of this party, and all of us have our responsibilities, smaller or bigger, for how we got here, but also how we will get out of this quagmire, and we will do much better”.

With reference to the positions of SYRIZA executives in favor of a model of dualism in the leadership of the party, Mr. Zachariadis underlined: “In principle, I do not agree with scenarios of duality, triarchy, etc. I believe that the leadership that we will elect together with the collective bodies of the party will they can define and determine the work of the party.

We do not need many leaders, nor a large bureaucracy.

There are these models in some parties, especially the greens in Europe, etc…

I think we should choose one strong leadership, from the new generation of party executives”.

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