“I supported the KE meeting today rough strategic lines for a new SYRIZA PS. We are after a heavy political defeat, but I believe that the causes of the defeat should be discussed on the move, that is, while at the same time we will reorganize SYRIZA in order to be able to respond to the needs of society” the candidate for the presidency emphasized in her statement party, Efi Ahtsioglou.

“It is our duty to re-inspire a progressive world, a world that comes from the Left and needs to see our own person being creative. Let’s exercise creative opposition today so that we can get back into government orbit the next day. And to do that I think we need a SYRIZA contemporarymethodical, who will give content to politics, who will work in a structured way, will make use of technical knowledge, will give depth to his positions and proposals and will be in daily communication with the majority of Greek society, i.e. with people who create in Greece” he noted.

To a question about co-candidates and how she judges the other nominations, Mrs. Ahtsioglou answered: “I think the important thing is that we have come to this course with a unifying and creative attitude. All the positions, we had different nuances obviously, but they are coordinated in an effort to make SYRIZA PS come out stronger from this whole process and I think it will come out in the end, to be useful for society, not for ourselves” .