“The Right wants to finish with SYRIZA. Mr. Mitsotakis says that we are a parenthesis that only existed because of a memorandum. Rest assured that we will refute him and he will find us ahead”, said o Euclid Tsakalotos in his statements in front of the television cameras, after his position in the closed meeting of the KE.

He expressed his satisfaction with the way the process has been carried out so far, stating that “we are here at the SYRIZA PS Committee, I must tell you that the first messages are good”. “What I understand both from the discussion and from the presentations of the candidates is that everyone is determined to have a very serious discussion, a deep reflection and to have a political discussion that will help us start the great recovery that we need but also that we think the country needs it too,” he said, adding that this bodes well for the future.

Mr. Tsakalotos said about his candidacy for the presidency of the party that he relies on the bipolar continuity and intersection. “Continuity” because, as he said, “we have the legacy of Alexis Tsipras and all of us who fought and had great successes, we also had failures obviously, but also ‘intersection’ because we need to listen, learn from new developments, put new thematic”. He said that in his position he put the issue of the developmental state, the care economy, the circular economy and primarily his view of the party. “A party”, he emphasized, “which is open, progressive, leftist, participatory, which can inspire the people of the left and all those who are around us”. He emphasized that he made the following distinction: “It is another matter to whom you address – and we must address many and many who are not necessarily on the left – and another thing is who you are that you are addressing, that you must have an identity that the world understands and which is certainly tested in society, it is not written in stone, but you have to have an identity so that the world knows that when you say something you mean what you say and you say what you mean”.

“We must be able to inspire the world of the left, the world that listens to us, to be proud of the values, the analyses, the proposals we will make,” he said, “because that way we can go out into society with pride and confidence to start the recovery of SYRIZA PS”.