Inspections for violations in tourist exploitation businesses of the seafront continue with undiminished intensity following an order from the Minister of National Economy and Finance, Kostis Hatzidakis. From the period of July 21 until yesterday, 336 violations have been confirmed from the control carried out on 918 individuals and businesses throughout the country.

The detailed update from the Ministry of National Economy and Finance:

Checks on 918 private individuals and companies operating tourism on the coast, by which they were ascertained 336 violations, were carried out from July 21 until yesterday by the local Real Estate Services. The checks were carried out after mobilizing all the executives of the Real Estate Services, with the revocation of summer leaves and the transfer of employees to services that had staff shortages in order to carry out timely inspections of the maximum possible number of businesses.

In the context of the order given by the Minister of National Economy and Finance, Kostis Hatzidakisto the General Secretariat of Public Property for the intensity of controls on beaches throughout the country, the report so far includes the following:

In the period from July 21, checks were carried out on 918 businesses and individuals, in 39 regional units with an emphasis on tourist areas. Indicative checks were carried out in 85 businesses in Crete, 110 in the Cyclades, 178 in the Ionian, 35 in Halkidiki.

– From these checks 336 violations concerning: Exceeding the occupation of an area beyond the leased one, and in some cases occupying a beach without a lease (arbitrary use).

– The penalties imposed – depending on the severity of the violation – by the local Real Estate Services include: fines, removal of umbrella seats, demolition of arbitrary constructions within the shared coastal and beach zone, dismissal of tenants, up to automatic procedure for those responsible of businesses.

The inspections were carried out by the Real Estate Services under the coordination of the General Secretary of Public Property of the Ministry of National Economy and Finance, Naya Kollia, ex officio or following complaints submitted by citizens. The autopsies throughout the country and especially in the popular tourist destinations will continue throughout the summer season in order, as the Ministry of National Economy and Finance has pointed out, to respect the terms of the contracts signed with the businesses, to ensure citizens’ access to the beaches in accordance with the rules of the Constitution and to protect the image of the Greek tourist product.

The Minister of National Economy and Finance, Kostis Hatzidakis, stated in this regard: “I said that we would immediately carry out checks, despite the weaknesses of the public administration and the very framework of the leases for the beaches. And I added that we will spare no one in relation to the observance of the legality of the beaches granted by the State. Some have disputed this. The speed and results of the checks belie them. I point out today that the controls will continue with the same and greater intensity, throughout the country and throughout the tourist season. At the same time, we are moving forward, soon, with a revision of the relevant legislation, with the aim of a more modern and transparent framework, for the benefit of all citizens, businesses that operate legally and implement contracts, and Greek tourism».