Economou in SKAI: The plan did not work – Window for compensation to trapped drivers


The possibility for a lawsuit against the management company of Attiki Odos, but also the payment of compensation to the drivers who were trapped, was left open by the government representative, Giannis Oikonomou, speaking to SKAI and the show “Simera”.

“The management of the Attiki Odos road under the responsibility of the company collapsed from the first moment. This is not a day to play ping pong. It’s a day we have to keep trying to free people. “This government has no difficulty in assuming its responsibilities and will do so, but also the responsibilities of others who had guaranteed that the roads would remain open, which did not happen, and these will be returned,” he said.

Asked if the state would file a lawsuit, he replied that “whatever needs to be done, for the sanctions to be attributed, for the people who have suffered and we owe it to them to be morally assigned these responsibilities, but also to be compensated, rest assured that it will be done with all the ways and tools that we have at our disposal “.

Mr. Oikonomou noted that the state should apologize to the drivers who were trapped, emphasizing that “our priority is on the one hand to reach their homes safely and on the other hand to restore electricity to thousands of households.” As he explained, there is difficulty in the access of HEDNO crews to the points, however his information is that they will gradually begin to be restored

As for the drivers who are still trapped, he said that during the night 1,800 vehicles were released and there are still 1,200 left, some of them abandoned and others with the drivers inside. “Efforts are being made to free everyone in the early morning hours,” he said.

“With the volume of snow, with the vehicles that are in the middle of the road, with the snowplows and the special machines that we bring from where it is possible, every possible effort is made to free them”, he added.

In this context, the government spokesman stressed that the civil protection in cooperation with the suburban will organize frequent and regular routes to get people to leave the airport and the exit points that approach to get the train home.

Trying to explain what was wrong, he said that “we experienced an unprecedented wave of bad weather and snow and any predictions were exceeded. The information that was available was that the snow would come later and not so intense and created all these problems, with the main and key being the inability of a large road of Attiki Odos to collapse, which completely collapsed “.

He admitted that when there are such problems, it turns out that the design did not work leaving a “window” for accountability. “Why it did not work and at what level, it will be explained in an absolute way to the people who were left in their cars and without electricity in their house. This is not the time for debate. “When the operation of the city is restored, everything will be said.”

Finally, the government spokesman left open the possibility of extending the holiday and closing schools, noting tomorrow that any announcements will be made later in the day.

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