Ammunition were spotted on Friday afternoon, at her new beach Ierapetra resulting in the Ierapetra Port Authority to proceed to maritime traffic restrictions.

In particular, the Port Authority of Ierapetra was informed about the detection of various scattered ammunition materials (sets of mortars in a transport box, projectiles of various calibers, bundles of cartridges, etc.), in the sea area of ​​the bay of Ierapetra.

the ammunition, were found on a sandy bottombut at a distance of about 30-100 meters from the coast and at a depth of about 2-6 meters, in a state of oxidation.


The announcement of the Port Authority of Ierapetra:

The Harbor Master A.A. Ierapetra bearing in mind a) The provisions of article 197 and 198 of the General Regulation of the Port of Ierapetra (Government Gazette 230 B/27-02-2002), b) OP:251935 /08-2023 Our Report (no.p.o.), c) The need to take restrictive measures on the movement of boats and recreational vessels in the “IERAPETRA BAY” marine area.
1. We temporarily prohibit the movement and anchoring of boats and marine recreational vehicles as well as any other activity in the marine area enclosed by the spots:
A F1 : 35o00΄ 34.91΄΄W L1 : 25o 44΄34.23΄΄A
B Φ2 : 35Ο00΄ 26.87΄΄Β L2 : 25o 44΄37.52΄΄ A
C Φ3 : 35Ο00΄ 26.83΄΄B L3 : 25Ο44΄27.28΄΄ A
D Φ4 : 35Ο00΄ 30.60΄΄΄΄4 : 25Ε 44΄24.96΄΄΄
2. The prohibition of paragraph 1 of this present is valid until further notice.
3. The violators of the present, regardless of the concurrent civil and criminal responsibilities according to the current legislation, are subject to the sanctions of article 157 of the N.D. 187/1973(261 A’) as amended and in force.