“I met, today, in the prisons of Durres, in the presence of our Ambassador in Albania, Ms. Konstantinas Kamitsi, with the elected Mayor of Heimarra, a member of the Greek ethnic minority of Albania, Mr. Fredis Beleris, who remains in custody for more than four months,” said the Minister of Citizen Protection, Giannis Oikonomouafter his meeting with Fredis Beleris, in the prisons of Durres.

As the Minister of Citizen Protection stated, “for Greece, this case was from the beginning and remains extremely serious. Respect for the rule of law and civil rights are key European principles and values. Greece’s position is that in the case of Mr. Beleris, the principles of the rule of law, the presumption of innocence and respect for civil rights are not taken into account. The Albanian side must immediately allow the swearing-in of Mr. Beleris as Mayor, respecting the citizens’ verdict in the recent elections. The extension of the current situation seriously casts a shadow over our bilateral relations and is inconsistent with the European acquis, with all that this implies ».