The speech of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has begun, which is being held at the Vellideo conference center, in the context of the 87th International Exhibition of Thessaloniki.

In any case, the presence of the Prime Minister at the event this year is different.

Shortly before 20:00, Kyriakos Mitsotakis arrived at Vellideio and took his place in the hall.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis in his speech today at the Vellideo Conference Center will develop the government’s economic plan as it is being shaped after the catastrophic floods in Thessaly.

“The place experienced the biggest fire and immediately after the biggest flood in its history, he emphasized starting and pointing out that the data leads to the need for a radical redesign for the next day.

“Everything we lost we will rebuild together”, he emphasized and added that everything that is rebuilt will now be better and the mistakes of the past will not be made.

“We will do everything so that the unequal battle with the climate crisis does not become a losing battle,” he said.

He stated that our country has the strength to remain upright and tolerant even in the face of this new enemy.

“In Thessaly and Evros, I heard the anger of the citizens. They rightly want the state to fulfill its basic mission. To protect lives and property. I found out how difficult it is to explain to someone who lost their home,” he said.

He summarized that 8 billion tons of water fell in Thessaly.

Regarding the Prime Minister’s announcements at the TIF, the government representative Pavlos Marinakis, during the briefing of the political editors, said among other things: “What the Prime Minister said before the election, will be put into practice and this is not disputed and is not at risk. 50% of the economic program has already been legislated. It is a given that what happened has no precedent for it and we moved immediately to find the necessary resources to meet the needs.”

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