Intense argument between Minister of Labor Adonis Georgiadis and the independent MP, who left the Spartans, Konstantinos Floros was noted today in Parliament, in the Production and Trade committee, where the discussion on the new labor bill has begun.

The independent MP accused Mr. Georgiadis that the bodies invited to participate in the debate represent businesses and not workers.

The reaction of the Minister of Labor was immediate. The intense dialogue follows:

K. Floros: For so long we hear nothing about businesses and workers. The lifeblood of businesses are employees.

B. Economou (committee chairman): Listen now. Are you the only one out and about? We do not want an interpreter of the world. The committee is not for show.

A. Georgiadis: To be in agreement. I am an elected member of parliament and a sworn minister. We are not the same, here you are invited and you must speak respectfully in parliament. You are not a member of parliament, you are our guest. If you don’t speak respectfully I won’t listen to you and I’m not obligated to listen to you! I don’t listen to bullshit, do you understand that? You will gather your words for a meeting. Go get elected and ask for the floor, not style and tutorial here.

K. Floros: I did not understand; Aren’t we the same? What are you Mr. Georgiadis more than me? Don’t yell at me. Where it takes you, not me. We’re fine the same, I’m an MP too, you’re an MP too, you’re nothing more than me. Yes, I am a member of parliament! Let there be respect towards us. I’m independent, I’m not in any party, because you ask…

A. Georgiadis: Ah, are you one of the Spartans?

K. Floros: I’m independent, I’m not in the Spartans.

A. Georgiadis: You are here illegally. You made a mockery of the Greek judiciary to get down to the Parliament. I am sure that justice will do its duty.

K. Floros: Illegally; You are here illegally. I’m independent and that’s what bothers you. Say ‘illegally’ elsewhere! You are bringing extreme capitalist slavery to the people to line your own pockets.