According to information, the candidate for the president of SYRIZA-PS, Stefanos Kasselakis, will have a meeting with Nikos Pappa in the Parliament.

Mr. Kasselakis, first in the first round of internal party elections, went to the Parliament where he has a meeting with Nikos Pappas, who cut the thread fourth.

In his first statements after Sunday’s results, Mr. Pappas said: “We must move quickly to transform our party into a Left Progressive democratic party (…) To serve the party of victory.”

According to the official announcement, after the integration of all the voters in the 537 Electoral Divisions and through the electronic voting of foreign voters, the results are as follows:

148,821 members of SYRIZA voted.

Valid ballots: 147,821

White: 293

Invalid: 1,220

On the valid ones they received:

Kasselakis Stefanos: 44.91% (66,156 votes)

Ahtsioglou Efi: 36.18% (53,292 votes)

Tsakalotos Euclid: 8.93% (13,156 votes)

Pappas Nikos: 8.68% (12,787 votes)

Stefanos Tzoumakas: 1.3% (1,917 votes)