THE Prime Minister in his statements in the framework of the EUMED-9 summit in Malta he focused on three points, the climate crisis, immigration and economic governance.

Regarding the climate crisis, he first thanked all the European leaders who participated in the summit for their support to Greece. He said that we had a very difficult summer with intense fires and floods and pointed out that the climate crisis is affecting the Mediterranean disproportionately. “It should make us act immediately. I’m glad you agree with the content of the letter I sent you that says we need to move faster,” said Kyriakos Mitsotakis who spoke about more comprehensive cooperation in prevention issues as well.

Watch the video of the joint statements of the leaders of the European South:

“To ensure a balance between our long-term mitigation agenda and the short-term solution to the consequences of the climate crisis. At the moment we do not have such a balance”, he noted and touched on the issue of European funds for the immediate relief of those affected by natural disasters. He pointed out that when such disasters occur in some countries the problem multiplies and he gave as an example the Libya where they had 20,000 deaths from the same bad weather that hit Greece.

For migratory he stated that there is progress at the European level and stressed that European states and not traffickers should decide who will enter the EU and who will not. “It is safer for states to be able to ensure that boats do not go from the shores to the Mediterranean to avoid such phenomena,” he underlined, referring to relations with Turkey and the establishment of criteria for asylum seekers. “Let us have a common line”, he said and noted that we must “provide the possibility to those who want to come to help and contribute to the development of Europe but on our own terms”.

Regarding economic governance, he emphasized that we should not repeat the mistakes of the past that mandate fiscal adjustments that lead to further recession. “To return to the Commission’s proposal that gives flexibility to states to be able to shape our own fiscal adjustment and have investments to defend our autonomy,” he said, among other things.

In closing, the prime minister wished Cyprus the best for their next meeting and said that today’s meeting was a successful and productive form of cooperation.