The Minister of Health, Michalis Chrysochoidis, categorically denied in the Parliament that the president of the EOF, Dimitris Filippou, resigned by himself from his duties in the Organization, clarifying that his term had expired from 30/9/2023 which was not would be renewed.

“The president of the EOF ended his term on September 30. So I don’t know where he resigned from I am officially telling you that on 9/30 his term has expired and this term will not be renewed. So I don’t understand these things about resignation”, said Mr. Chrysochoidis characteristicallyresponding to the president of the Hellenic Solution, Kyriakos Velopoulos, who called him to clarify whether or not Mr. Filippou resigned on his own, during the debate in the Plenary, of the bill with emergency regulations in the field of Health.

At the same time, Mr. Chrysochoidis emphasized that the goal of the Ministry of Health is to upgrade and modernize the EOF in order to ensure the adequacy of pharmaceutical products in the Greek market, while he assured that Greece has a sufficient supply of drugs and is the last in Europe in terms of shortages.

Specifically, he stated:

“I want to tell you that my job at the Ministry is to upgrade the EOF, to modernize it and to play a very important role to protect the health of the Greek people, to ensure the necessary quantities and the adequacy of pharmaceutical products from young children to the chronically ill – and that’s what we do. There are also provisions in today’s bill which provide for a series of transparency procedures in order to manage to have pharmaceutical products on the market since this is a pan-European problem.

Since the day I came and settled in the Ministry, I have banned parallel exports three times, and today Greece has not a complete but satisfactory sufficiency of medicines and we are the last in Europe in lack of medicines. We will continue this effort, but we want all this effort to be transparent so that all market players know exactly what is happening with the medicines.”