By Antonis Anzoletou

The “stamp” that SYRIZA has passed into the “Kasselakis era” came with the meeting of the parliamentary group last week. The official opposition now has only 47 MPs and in the half-full Senate chamber, the “frozen” atmosphere that existed could not fail to become apparent. A “bloc” of 16 MPs was formed which may not have a direct reference to Efi Ahtsioglou, however it is 1/3 of the strength of SYRIZA which made it clear that it is not going to keep up and simply accept the president’s choices.
The “red cloth” is still Pavlos Polakis. It is a fact that throughout the previous period there was a lot of “murmuring” and negative messages from MPs in relation to the information about his placement in the position held by Alekos Flambouraris since 2012, as coordinator of the Parliamentary Project Audit Committees. It is a key position as he will have to be in daily contact with MPs, department heads and party departments to control and promote legislative initiatives and opposition tactics. Shortly before the meeting of the K.O. no one knew if the former Deputy Minister of Health would eventually participate in the shape of the new “directorate”. According to many, it was a last-minute decision.

The message of Stefanos Kasselakis on Thursday was clear. He does not intend to “drag” and make his decisions dependent on the objections that a portion of MPs will have about the persons he chooses to be in his inner circle. Pavlos Polakis, after all, is one of the “strategists” of his victory who supported him from the first moment. And the new leader of the official opposition wishes to have by his side and to be informed by persons he trusts. After all, nobody wants the MP from Chania with his hot style and explosive behavior towards him. Now there are many questions. How structural and coordinated will be the opposition that SYRIZA will exercise in the Parliament when half of the parliamentary group talks forcibly to the other half and there is a lack of communication with the coordinator? No one doubts the good intentions and the work that Pavlos Polakis had done in the field of Transparency over the past four years. They disagree with the way he communicates his messages. In fact, many stand against his recent confrontation in the Plenary Session of the Parliament with Irini Agapidaki where he announced that the opposition will change from now on.

On Monday, it is very likely that the new areas of responsibility in SYRIZA will be announced and everything shows that several top executives, who are close to Efi Ahtsioglou, have chosen to abstain. The next meetings of the Political Secretariat and the Central Committee will be crucial, as the timing of the Congress will fall on the table and the cohesion of SYRIZA will be tested once again. Executives of “Umbrella” do not agree with his transfer and insist that it take place in November. To do this, the procedures should run immediately. Some less “hardliners” put the delay ceiling at the beginning of the year.