New apology from the relatives of the Tempe victims asked the Minister of Labor and Social Security Adonis Georgiades, from the floor of Parliament after the political fire he received for his references to the tragedy. Adonis Georgiadis came to the Parliament, after the intervention of the parliamentary representative of PASOK Michael Katrinis who requested the political disapproval of the minister from the prime minister but also after the suspension of the president of SYRIZA Stefanou Kasselakis.

“I am forced to come to the Parliament and make this intervention, after the position of Mr. Katrinis and the mediated intervention of Mr. Kasselakis. Both demanded my dismissal from the government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis, for my allegedly “horrific” statements yesterday, that “the Greek people are not interested in Tempi”. I want to apologize to the relatives of the victims. My experience, television and radio, should have protected me, and I should have realized at that moment, the distortion that, for petty partisan reasons, my political opponents would surely make, the next moment, ignoring the pain of the victims, for whom they are supposed to be cut today”, said Mr. Georgiadis and added: “Obviously, I never said that the Greek people are not interested in Tempi. I couldn’t have said it either. Just a man without a heart he could have said something like that. All I said, and I publicly thank Mr. Dellatola, the journalist who asked me the question, for his position today on Real fm, who said “because I asked the question to Mr. Georgiadis, I have to say from the same frequency, that he never said what they impute to him”. The question was what is my opinion on whether it should be preliminary or examination for Tempi. And what I said is that the Greek people are not interested in this. I mean, for what? For Tempe? No. For the political fight, for the kicking of politicians, for political micro-exploitation, for the commerce of tragedy. That is why the Greek people are not interested. The Greek people are interested in such a tragic accident never happening again, for the state to do everything it can, for the relatives of the victims, for the Greek justice to investigate who are the real responsible and for them to be punished. This interests the Greek people. The Greek people are not interested in the parties fighting over such a terrible accident. That’s what I said, that’s what the journalists understood first of all, if I had said something so horrible, they would have already cut and criticized me. Both journalists, and Mr. Hatzinikolaou and Mr. Dellatolas, are extremely experienced, so that they would not be in a hurry to comment if I had said something so truly horrible.”

The Minister of Development and Investment also said: “If I had said what you say, I would have resigned myself in shame. I never said what you say. Nevertheless, I truly apologize to the relatives of the victims, because this report of mine, gave you the opportunity to make this fuss, and to cause them, unwittingly and myself, more pain, while people have already gone through too much pain, to cause them more. Of course, I and the government and all of us are committed to doing everything to prevent such an accident from happening again and to bring everything to light. And we await the verdict of the Greek justice system. The government spokesman also made a statement. That the ND will vote in favor of the inquiry committee proposal that the KKE submitted or will submit. Why; Because looking for what’s going wrong in the system, that’s right, that’s not a political confrontation, that’s an inquiry into substance. You simply justified my statement yesterday because you were quick to engage in petty partisan confrontation.”