24 members of the Prefectural Committee of SYRIZA Achaia announce their departure with an “open letter of resignation”.

Specifically in the letter they state:

“After the traumatic experience of the now historic Central Committee of the previous weekend 11-12/11/2023, the divisive, authoritarian and unhistorical speech of Mr. Kasselakis, which was an insult not only to the leftists but also to every democratic citizen, the undersigned consider it our duty to withdraw from SYRIZA-PS, respecting the history of our party and the values ​​of the Renewing Radical Left, which we served with all our strength, from the positions of responsibility to which we were elected.

We were members of a pluralistic Left party and we are proud of his achievements for the benefit of the people, while recognizing the mistakes and failures, for which we are jointly responsible, but we do not accept to become members of a fun club.

It is with deep regret that we find that SYRIZA-PS, the most important political project of the European Left, no longer exists. Under the responsibility of its leadership team, the entire course of SYRIZA-PS, our party, its historical executives, the executives and members who for decades worked to for the first time since the civil war, a party of the Left has become the government in Greece.

We declare, however, that we have no intention of satisfying the expectations of Mr. Voridis and many others who aim to “finish the Left”. Our country, having the most anti-democratic and neoliberal government in the Netherlands. throughout the post-colonial period, it needs a democratic, pluralist party, with a clear left vision and stigma, able to offer a substantial, serious and alternative way out to its citizens. Citizens who today are suffocated, frustrated by the unreliability of the political system and react impulsively or abstain, while at the same time being tested by accuracy, insecurity and precariousness, the working middle age, the increase of social inequalities, leading to a society of low expectations for life and their future.

We we persist and remain on the Left.

Signatories-Signatories (NE Achaia members alphabetically)

  • Antipa Maria, member of the Coordination NE of Achaia
  • Asimakopoulos Theodoros, member of NE Achaia
  • Zafeiropoulou – Karatzoglou Filaretis, member of NE Achaia & member of the Coordinating OM of Universities
  • Aleka Kalapodi, member of the NE Achaia Coordinating Committee & member of the University Coordinating Committee
  • Costalis Antonis, member of NE Achaia
  • Kurbana Maria, member of NE Achaia, member of the Coordinating OM Central South
  • Melissaropoulou Nota, member of NE Achaia & Coordinator of OM Central North
  • Menegis Theodoros, member of NE Achaia
  • Miaouli Lila, NE Achaia member
  • Bari Popi, member of NE Achaia
  • Rizoulis Andreas, an. Coordinator NE Achaia & pr. Member of Parliament for SYRIZA-PS Achaia
  • Spartinos Kostas, member of NE Achaia & pr. Member of Parliament for SYRIZA-PS Achaia

Signatories-Signatories (coordinating OM members alphabetically)

  • Alevizos Makis, coordinating member of O.M. Educators
  • Alexopoulos Panagiotis member of the Coordinating O.M. Kalavryton
  • Kakanas Haris, Deputy Coordinator O.M. Kalavryton
  • Katsari Ioanna, member of the Coordinating O.M. Eastern Apartment
  • Kosik Petros, member of the Coordinating South Central Department
  • Fiona Kotsali, Deputy Coordinator O.M. Western Achaia
  • Cookie Albee, coordinating member, O.M. South Apartment
  • Malliaroudakis Michalis, member of coordinating O.M. South Apartment
  • Papagelis Efymis, member of the Coordinating O.M. Western Achaia
  • Papadimitropoulou Georgia, Deputy Coordinator of the South Central Department OM
  • Giannis Papanikolopoulos, member of the Coordinating OM of Vrachnaikon
  • Skourti Eleni member of the Coordinating OM of the Southern Department