We believe that the proposals of SYRIZA and PASOK for the establishment of a Pre-Investigation Committee do not contain any evidence of wrongdoing by the ministers, stated the Minister of State, Makis Voridis, closing with his speech the debate on the proposal of the KKE on the train accident in Tempe.

“We read the motions, we are talking about two alleged financial offenses, one infidelity and one dereliction of duty in conjunction with financial corrections that the two parties want us to criminally control, but looking and reviewing these objections we judge that there is no indication of these offenses by the ministers ” said Makis Voridis characteristically.

Regarding the Convention 717, the minister mentioned that the European Commission is talking about a budgetary correction of 14 million euros because there is a clear and clear looming damage to the financial interests of the EU, while the risk of disintegration of the funding from the relevant European funds is visible and he wondered “how is the existence of a fiscal correction accompanied by the loss of human life that we must consider?’ “Would you tell me exactly how the legitimately-pleaded interest of the Commission’s financial protection and appropriations relates? Is that what you want us to discuss about the Tempe crash? The fiscal correction? Why it wasn’t executed properly or things weren’t done as they should have been?” in a contract? In your opinion, is this the most important thing? Because this is all that is contained in PASOK’s proposal. And you are talking to us about a cover-up?” he said addressing the PASOK seats.

“All the discussion we want to have is not contained in either of the two proposals. Because we are accused of having political goals and we want to protect our own, I answer you that the proposals for a preliminary recommendation are not generally for chatting, they are an assignment of criminal responsibilities to specific persons for specific criminal acts that the proposers are convinced have committed those criminal offenses or have indications of this,” he also said. He described as the most impressive thing in the SYRIZA proposal that it ends up proposing that in order to investigate the 717 convention all aspects without leaving shadows and suspicions request the criminal investigation for the minister, for the period 2015 – 2019 for Christos Spirtzis for the offense of violation of duty regarding the possible commission – as the prosecution says – however, the elements of the commission of the offense are not specified and described.

“Then why do you want us to indict him? A motion for a preliminary committee in which I have no evidence of the charge is a historic monument in this room. We have never seen it before” he commented mockingly.

“This is because political goals are attributed to us. Those of us who have accepted the widest possibility of examining the case without any restrictions, political goals are attributed to us by those who want the proposal for the Commission of Inquiry to be rejected and to limit ourselves to discussing something fiscally as well as the others who want to include Spirtzis as well, but who say that he has done nothing” he added and concluded: “Let’s proceed with the establishment of a Commission of Inquiry, behaving with honesty, responsibility and dignity as we must show towards the relatives of the victims, but above all towards the Greek people who finally want to have safe railways”.