About the political move he made yesterday through a gathering, he spoke Andreas Loverdos on the show “Mismatches” on SKAI, during which, as he said, “positions that make me up” were recorded.

Referring to his movements since then, he said that his political friends are asking him to go to the ND, to form a party to participate in the European elections or to create a movement “Whatever they tell me, I answer them with my reflection on every proposal. Something I’ve been cultivating for 5 months.”

Regarding his decisions, he said that he will proceed “without violence, I am not a person who is now starting my political course. I have been at the forefront of a party for many decades and I was hit like no other politician. But I stood up. Yesterday I took my first step. I want it to have political balance when it is heard.”

Asked if he will be a candidate with the ND in the European elections or if he will run with his own formation, Mr. Loverdos said “I have not ruled out anything, since yesterday I declared myself “present” in politics. The political means by which this will be expressed is a matter for the coming weeks

At the same time, to the question whether he has contacted the prime minister, he answered in the negative “not even through representatives”.

Andreas Loverdos was also asked if he has regretted leaving PASOK in the specific period of time that opinion polls show, the second party characteristically replied: “I was justified” and explained “I have nothing to do with this Confucius that exists in the center-left”.

With reference to the developments in SYRIZA, he said that it is not only “dissolving but drifting away”.