The reasons why the “6 plus 6” trend under Efi Ahtsioglou left SYRIZA were expressed to SKAI by the member of parliament who left the party, Dimitris Tzanakopoulos opposing his policy Stefanou Kasselakis.

“SYRIZA is turning into a centrist party. Mr. Kasselakis’ strategic goal of the “Greek dream” strategically transforms SYRIZA in a hard liberal party. It captures the positions of the hardest American liberalism… Even the US Democrats do not talk about the “American dream”, on the contrary, they are absolutely critical of this statutory myth that supposedly everyone can become their own entrepreneur. At SEV, Mr. Kasselakis told us that capital is a tool for social equality and social well-being, not even Tony Blair or Gerhard Schröder dared to say these things” he said characteristically.

“Right now, look at the polls, 17.5% in June it seems like an elusive dream for today’s SYRIZA, there is a big political and ideological vacuum that needs to be filled” write down.

The independent MP clarified that the new Parliamentary Group will try to unify different currents. “We don’t want to be a political body that will actually be the amalgamation of the fragments of SYRIZA, we will do something new, and believe me, there is a lot of interest,” he noted.

“Our goal is, with KO as the first step, to appear next week we will also announce the name, I think it will be a title that it will reflect the ideological and political direction of our area». We are defending the struggles of the Left and the struggles we have fought throughout the last decade, he said.

Mr. Tzanakopoulos clarified that there are no conditions for cooperation with him Yanis Varoufakis.