A joint declaration for the promotion of Greece-Turkey cooperation in the field of tourism was signed today by the Minister of Tourism Olga Kefalogianni and her Turkish counterpart Mehmet Nouri Ersoy during their meeting, within the framework of the 5th Supreme Council of Greece-Turkey Cooperation.

At meetingwhich was done in very good and friendly atmosphereboth sides agreed that bilateral tourism cooperation should be governed by mutual trust and understanding and to avoid frictions and confrontations that do not contribute to the creation of a good climate, which is necessary for the development of fruitful cooperation.

In particular, the declaration expresses common intention of the two sides to tighten and expand bilateral tourism cooperationwith the aim of increasing the tourist flow between the two countries, so that it exceeds the pre-pandemic high level.

It was also agreed common challengessuch as climate change, as well as Msi the expansion of cooperation in areas such as the sustainability of tourism, “green” tourism, digitization in the tourism sector, tourism investments and education.

The Lady Kefalogiannis emphasized that the flows of visitors on both sides, contribute to a significant extent to the stimulation of local economies and in the distribution of wealth for the benefit of societies.

The constant demand for special forms of tourism, underlined Mrs. Kefalogianni and awareness of sustainable tourismform substantial opportunity for the ever-greater development of a quality and sustainable tourism product guided by moderation and balance.