The president of PASOK-Movement for Change was found in the village of Vardali in the prefecture of Fthiotida on Monday morning, Nikos Androulakis.

The area was hit by storm Daniel in September. Bridges – such as the one connecting Vardali with the settlement of Agrapidia – and the road network were destroyed, while the farmers of the area suffered great damage.

In his statements to the local media, Mr. Androulakis noted:
“Months after the disaster in Domokos, citizens are faced with scarcity, inadequacy, sloppiness. Something that illustrates how the government of the New Republic deals with the effects of natural disasters. Here, in Domokos, -as in Thessaly-, there is still no comprehensive planning for an adequate network of anti-flood works.
The Municipality of Domoko has received minimal credits. Until now, farmers and breeders have not been compensated for basic infrastructure related to their production. We came here today to listen to the citizens. We stand by them and believe that the state must modernize civil protection against extreme weather events. We must invest in prevention. As well as in another direct compensation system, especially for ELGA, which will include disasters due to climate change”.

During his meeting with Mayor Domokos and residents of the area, the President of PASOK-Movement of Change pointed out that “climate change is a fact, but it cannot be a permanent alibi at the same time. Climate change is causing extreme phenomena. The consequences are the fault of the state, which does not prepare”.
“Preparedness means having infrastructure resistant to extreme weather events. Prevention means supporting the primary sector, having financial tools that, when something happens, ELGA will immediately compensate and we will not experience the current shortages. This means prevention and strategic management of the effects” added Mr. Androulakis.
For his part, the mayor of Domokos, Charalambos Liolios, requested that parliamentary pressure be exerted on the government in order to “return the estates to arable form so that the owners and tenants can cultivate them as soon as possible” and stated that the restoration of the damages to key infrastructure has reached 50% and new funds are required.