PASOK characterizes the ban on fans staying in sports venues, which was announced earlier today by the government as part of the measures to deal with fan violence, as a sensational move.

Among other things, in its announcement, PASOK states that the need for additional measures demonstrates the government’s failure to deal with the phenomenon of fan violence, while just a few months ago it had proceeded to adopt a stricter legislative framework.

PASOK’s announcement in detail:

The government has proven below par in dealing with crime.

Today, with her announcements, she admits that her announcements so far have been ineffective and unable to deal with fan violence.

Only a few months have passed since the announcement of the new stricter legislative framework, which the New Democracy government is unable to implement. Thus, today the installation of cameras in stadiums and the identification of fans was announced once again, which we hope will happen as soon as possible.

But on the other hand, the government closes the sports grounds for two months in a sensational move, which affects the majority of healthy fans and does not deal with the problem at its root.

The PASOK-Movement for Change directly and clearly proposes that those who are involved in acts of fan violence or have been convicted in the past for similar offenses, be banned for life from entering sports venues. For the measure to be successful, all modern identification technologies should be used, as in other European states.

Also, let the government stop hiding behind its finger and deal with the justice system and the police against serious crime, which sometimes uses sports as a cover.