The need for a new “social contract” to overthrow the “neoliberal and extreme right” policy implemented by the government of the ND but also a broad agreement of the entire democratic world for a progressive government and the defense of democracy and the rule of law, argued the president of the Parliamentary Group of SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance, Sokratis Famellos during his speech in politics event organized yesterday in Pylaia by the Member Organizations of Pylaia, Panorama and Hortiatis-Filyros of N.E. Second Thessaloniki of SYRIZA-P.S.

As Sokratis Famellos characteristically mentioned: “If there is not a new social agreement, an agreement of “change”, of getting rid of the right-wing politics practiced by the Mitsotakis government, society will be defeated and lose rights, even if some people in left-wing parties feel good, left-wing and progressive, but only for internal consumption. We make politics for society. We do not do to satisfy our ideological quest. And this is our difference with executives who left. Because here, in SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance, we are talking about a policy that will provide solutions to society. This is also the basis of our political unity”.

He said that “society doesn’t just want you to point out Mitsotakis’ deficits, it sees them in the super market, at gas stations, in its salary” and noted: “Society needs you to give it a solution, to give it a proposal, to deposits program, which is also a government program. To defend the national interests and the people’s interests and this is what a government needs to be able to do it and achieve the social majority in these requests. And SYRIZA PS proved both during his government term and today that he can practice politics without dependencies”.

“And we see it in the 2024 budget, where the tax collection is increasing, we see it in the tax law and the tax on the self-employed, we also saw it in the bad loan law and the servicers’ bailouts, in all of these we see that the the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. And the profits in electricity, in the refineries, in the banks are constantly increasing. The disposable income is constantly decreasing and the young men and women have no perspective in our country. This is the problem for which we need to make policies for society,” he added.

Referring to the next day of SYRIZA-PS, the president of the Parliamentary Group pointed out: “There is a question, if the discussion about the internal parties of SYRIZA-PS is an internal matter for us. Our event today proves that we will not succumb to introversion. What SYRIZA will do the next day is not an internal matter for SYRIZA. It’s a matter of society.”

Commenting on the departure of SYRIZA executives, Sokratis Famellos commented that “they really did not wait for the political debate, but they hurried to leave the Central Committee” and emphasized “But we will not be happy for anyone who left. Our party – our party -, which is committed to fighting for the common cause of society and progress, cannot accept and welcome a reduction in forces. We need much more forces to achieve our goal. And for that we have to win more citizens, we have to win more executives”.

“The problem in SYRIZA-PS was not Alexis Tsipras. On the contrary, Alexis Tsipras opened the way for reconstruction and restart. Because Alexis had also become the target of all the propaganda and the entire anti-SYRIZA front”, the president of the SYRIZA-PS KO also pointed out and concluded:

“All this, however, belongs to the past. We proved with two meetings of the Central Committee that the program we set is being implemented and we are going to the end of February for the Congress. In a political conference where we will discuss positions and in which we can give many answers and solutions for society and the economy. This is what we need. This is our duty and this must be our grounding with society.”