“There is no possibility that the stadiums will open earlier than February 12, 2024” pointed out the director of the Press Office of the Prime Minister Dimitris Tsiodras, speaking to ERT on Thursday morning.

He added that “the new measures announced are in the implementation phase”.

On February 12 when the courts will open we should open the specifications we have saidthe competent minister, Mr. Vroutsis, has announced what penalties will apply. There is no chance they will open earlier,” he explained.

“We went to Justice in order to deal with the phenomenon of the existence of gangs within groups. This we believe can go some way to addressing an issue involving the field and sports. From now on we know what happens in the neighborhoods, we know what happens to teenagers, there are many, many problems, which again is not a Greek phenomenon».

Regarding publication regarding the government moving on a trajectory to speed up the legalization of same-sex marriage, underlined:

“I have no such information. The Prime Minister has said that time is something he will look into. We await his own decisions. He has said that he will come within the government term. He has said it categorically. Now he will judge it depending on the course of the legislature

(…) It concerns the rights of our fellow human beings, who are indeed suffering and being tortured. It is something that has been done in many countries and that is precisely why it is the government’s intention to come now”.