“THE support of the traditional Greek family and dealing with the most acute demographic problem is a national priority,” said the former ND minister and MP speaking to SKAI and the show “Mismatched”. Takis Theodorikakos.

“It is tragic, in recent years the numbers refer to war, we have 182 thousand more deaths than births” he said characteristically and pointed out that family support measures and a change of mentality are needed to move forward.

Asked about same-sex marriage noted: “I discussed with competent bodies about the adoption such as the National Center for Social Solidarity. There is already legal adoption by single parents, where there are of course also a number of homosexuals. Sexual behavior is a free right. My role model is the traditional Greek family. I grew up with infinite love from my father and mother and I give it to my children with my wife. The discussion must be calmed down and de-structured. A reality is regulated and nothing else.”

All ND believes in family and reforms. It is a simple regulation that must be de-dramatized,” he added, stating that in this context he would support it.

Mr. Theodorikakos focused on her issue accuracy pointing out that it is the first problem of the average Greek family. “Thousands of families find it difficult to bring them for a ride and are tested,” he said characteristically. He positively characterized the government measures and the interventions of Mr. Skrekas. “The 7% ceiling on baby milk is positive, but what will happen after that” he wondered and asked the Minister of Development together with the Minister of Health to review his decision 2008 to adapt to Community law and to enable discounts and offers to make competition work.

“There is the possibility of extending a practice that is already implemented online,” he pointed out.

For rural mobilizations Mr. Theodorikakos pointed out that there must be an exhaustive dialogue because indeed our farmers are right and without the primary sector there can be no cohesion of our society. “Fiscal possibilities must be exhausted,” he said characteristically. “In any case, roads should not be closed, especially since the government is responding,” he added.

Regarding the feeling of insecurity, he said that the two tragedies that the country experienced in the last months played a particularly negative role: the invasion of the Croats and the direct shooting of a young man who served in the MAT with a flare. “There are serious responsibilities but I don’t want to dwell on that now. They tarnished the image of the Ministry of Citizen Protection, we must go back to the policy of the first four years” he noted and mentioned that we strengthened the police departments, created domestic violence offices, achieved a reduction in low crime, solved 90% of coke crimes. “In the recent elections it was the first debate that did not raise the issue of security,” he pointed out.

I am always next to the citizens and I do what I can for their problems” the former minister closed the interview.