The prime minister referred to the farmers’ mobilizations in his statements after the conclusion of the extraordinary summit Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

As he pointed out, tomorrow at Parliament he will develop in more detail some thoughts “for the further strengthening of the primary sector”, emphasizing earlier that Greece, together with other countries, took the initiative to discuss the issue of farmers in the Council, although it was not included in the agenda.

“It is a complex issue that involves many countries. Problems that find a response in all the countries of Europe. I want to welcome the Commission’s initiatives regarding the set-aside regime. Over one million acres are freed up for Greek farmers, which are also linked to subsidies from Europe.”

“It starts a discussion on the structural problems of agricultural policy in Europe”, added the prime minister.

“Tomorrow we will talk about Thessaly in the Parliament and I will develop in more detail some of our thoughts on how to further strengthen the primary sector. We will discuss about Thessaly, what we have done, what we can do, what we will do with the reconstruction of the infrastructure.”