By Antonis Anzoletou

Dramatic, long, full of tension and upheavals was the meeting of the Political Secretariat held yesterday in Koumoundourou until midnight.

Stefanos Kasselakis once again surprised the members of the body, when he basically asked, against the background of the national elections and his stay in the leadership of SYRIZA, to stop the permanent questioning that exists towards him.

He essentially threw down, as officials said, the “gauntlet” to the members of the Political Secretariat in order to get a “blank check” and not be challenged until 2027, when the next national elections will be held. Finally, the almost universal refusal of the Political Secretariat led Stefanos Kasselakis to take several steps back and not insist on his original proposal.

What is he supposed to have said initially in his introduction to the Central Committee?

“It is clear that there are functional and structural problems. And that’s not just my finding, it’s the message I’m getting from our thousands of members. These party structures belong to another era. I will make my proposals for statutory changes when the statutory conference takes place, which will be a re-establishment conference,” he said characteristically and added:

“What I am about to tell you is not a personal matter. However, if you can’t say you trust me, then say who you want. If you really don’t trust me, live rebaptism of the will and order of the members. I respect the institutions, I am collective and I respect them even though there is no collective process without leaks. How can an institution function if you don’t respect the process yourself. If anyone doubts me, do it here now, where we are. I will not be Iphigenia.”

The members of the Political Secretariat – apart from three executives – responded negatively to Stefanos Kasselakis, rejecting the “blank cheque” he allegedly requested, while it was considered by many as an ultimatum.

THE Dionysis Teboneras allegedly replied to him in high tones that “I do not consent to the de facto dissolution of SYRIZA. If the President wishes, he has every right to open the presidential election process by statute.”

THE Thanassis Theocharopoulos commented in the body that “we are all judged in the European elections. Presidents are credited first for good results and charged first for negative ones. Grassroots elections are not beauty pageants.”

In the same line allegedly moved the Olga GerovasiliThe Yannis Ragousisthe Katerina Notopoulouthe Zoe KarkouliasThe George TsiprasThe George VasiliadisThe Kostas Zachariadis etc. According to information, his position was also in this climate Pavlos Polakis.

These interventions and the climate that had been created led Stefanos Kasselakis to his deputation to change course.

At the end of the meeting, he “took back” his “aggressive” letter to the members of the body from the previous day.

“Since I’m not being challenged, I won’t go to grassroots elections. I withdraw the letter,” he reportedly said.

The following announcement came out from Koumoundourou with both sides leaving Koumoundourou happy:

“In the General Assembly that met today, after an extensive, productive and honest discussion and fully aware of the current situation regarding the major issues that concern and afflict Greek society:

a) the mutual trust and support between the President and the members of the Political Secretariat was expressed,

b) the function of PG as a political center was reaffirmed.

The Conference will be held from Thursday 22/2 until 25/2, based on the positions discussed during the pre-conference dialogue. A reboot and rebuild conference that will mark the “PROGRESSIVE COUNTER-ATTACK NOW”.

After the dust raised by the questionnaire, the confrontations and polemics that had developed between Stefanos Kasselakis and the Political Secretariat, yesterday’s compromise was considered by many to be necessary in order for the conference to take place in the best possible atmosphere.

Its work will begin with the installation of the president on Thursday night.