“We are establishing the conditions for the modern self-governing model” His proposal for the composition and staffing of the 13 thematic Regional Committees of ENPE was presented at today’s meeting of the Board of Directors of the Union by the Regional Governor of Attica, Nikos Hardalias.

104 members will participate in the new eight-member committees: 91 Vice-Regional Governors and Regional Councilors – of which 20 regional executives of Attica from all factions – as well as the 13 Regional Governors of the country, with Mr. Hardalia becoming the chairman of the Committee on International Relations and European Subjects.

THE Regional Governor of Attica, Nikos Hardaliasin his statements he pointed out: “With a spirit of unity, understanding and cooperation, we move forward for the challenges that open up for the second level of Self-Government in the next five years. Having secured the highest funds in the history of the institution, the role of the 13 Committees is critical, but also essential both for the modern model of decentralized governance that we want, and for the results of the policies that citizens expect from us. The persons who are invited to staff our Committees, from all factions, have significant experience in the field of Self-Government and each and every one of them has special knowledge in their subject matter. Together with the President of ENPE and friend Apostolos Tzitzikostas and the rest of our colleagues, we are moving forward for a new era for our 13 Regions, with the sole aim of improving the daily life of our fellow citizens and the development potential of our country. Together with the central government, we are co-shaping the conditions for a new Self-Government Charter that will bring the country closer to the good practices of Europe, while simultaneously claiming the resources and powers required to carry out our mission.”