Completed EU Council of Agriculture and Fisheries Ministers, in the presence of the Minister of Rural Development and Food, Lefteris Avgenakis. All states agreed on the need to revise the current CAP and submitted their proposals.

The President of the Council, Belgian Minister of Agriculture David Clarinval it was committed to the review to be done with the current composition of the European Parliament.

In the coming days the Special Committee on Agriculture is to consider the direct procedures for the review.

The statement of the Greek Minister after the end of the council:

“Today’s meeting of Council of Ministers of Agriculture and Fisheries of the “27” took a first brave step and through a substantial dialogue highlighted the need to take immediate measures for serious technical improvements in the operation of the CAP, adopting, at the same time, many of the proposals submitted by our country.

It is the unanimous position of the Council that more simplification and flexibility is needed for the application of the CAPs so that they can be adapted to the particularities of each Member State.

The Belgian presidency has taken a first big step, but the effort to improve the CAP must continue.

THE Hellas will continue with the same determination the effort for more technical improvements but also for structural changes for the benefit of our farmers.

We utilize all collaborations, and in particular through the European People’s Party and in the alliance of the 9 European countries of the South (EU MED 9), in a methodical way, we push to achieve structural changes in the CAP 2023-2027″.