He put a “brake” on Ares and Prometheus became the boss for four again!


He pulled… the parking brake on his streak Mars The Prometheus!

The Patrinos made a great appearance and cut off the lead of the “yellows”, who were counting 4 wins in a row in the championship, as a result of which they won with a score of 70-57 in “D. Tofalos” and go up to 11-8, where they caught him Mars. Now, Ilias Papatheodorou’s team also has a draw due to the 2/2 against the Thessaloniki team, so he became the boss again for the 4th place!

From start to finish, Mr Prometheus presented himself more ready for this match and constantly had the lead, with Mars to make little outbursts without ever looking fit for the pink sheet. Leader of the winners with 16 points, 4 rebounds and 4 steals was Hunter Halewhile 14 points were scored by Anthony Cowan and 12 along with 5 rebounds the focal point Deshaun Stephens.

From his side Marswho failed to repeat the excellent performances of the previous weeks, 13 points and 5 assists had Vasilis Toliopouloswhile out of 10 they succeeded Ronnie Harrell and Jonathan Stark.

The match

The home team came into the game very strongly with the protagonist… the usual suspect Hunter Hale, who scored 5 points in a row to make it 7-0. THE Toliopoulos put Aris on the board (7-3), however Etsenike started to find a rhythm for 11-3. The visitors slowly found solutions offensively and got closer to 13-7 with the Bohorides, while Bankston cut it to 15-10 with a layup. The reaction of the “yellows” continued with the Stark to reduce it to 17-14, but Kawan responded with a three-pointer to make it 20-14. The first period ended 20-16 with two shots by Bankston to make it 20-16.

The home team’s dominance continued in the second quarter, with They were fighting and the Stephens to put shots for first +10 (24-14). THE Priest with a long shot he shot the difference to +13 (27-14), with Harrell scoring 5 straight points and reducing it to 29-19. Toliopoulos reduced the home team’s lead to single digits (31-23), while Stark with a three-pointer it decreased even more (31-26). Hale answered temporarily with a long shot of his own for 34-26, while Bloombergs and Papas hit from 6.75m. for 37-29 at halftime.

In the third period, the Patrinos were even better. At the start, Aris got within striking distance with back-to-back points by Toliopoulos (38-36), but Etsenike and Hale they again gave a small lead to Prometheus (42-36). The Thessalonians stayed close for a long time thanks to his long shots Harrell (44-41), but from then on they “stuck” for the good offensive and remained for 4 minutes without a field goal, as a result of which the home team ran a partial score of 12-0, which formed 56-41 in the third quarter.

Aris had a shocking reaction in the fourth period. Starring him De Souza and their worthy supporters Harrell and Sanogo, the Thessalonians tightened the defense and ran a partial score of 10-0, which brought them close to the home team again (56-51). THE They were fighting gave a crucial solution to the Patrinos with a three-pointer from the corner, but Toliopoulos answered him for 59-54. THE Stephens gave new important breath to the hosts (62-54), while a little later together with Coffee brought the hosts back to +9 (66-57). Elias Papatheodorou’s team pulled out the defenses it needed and increased the difference to double digits again with shots from Hale (68-57), while from then on there was no time for Ares.

The quarters: 20-14, 37-29, 56-41, 70-57

Detailed match statistics here

Source: Sport Fm

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