The political body WORLD he highlighted the temporary bodies, which will lead the party to the European elections and then to a founding conference.

At the same time, KOSMOS calls on “every progressive, democratic citizen to join this fight and co-shape the solutions for a sustainable tomorrow.”

By unanimous decision, the following were elected 30 members in the Political Councilin addition to Petros Kokkalis who participates as an elected MEP: Lisa Avramidou, Maria Alexiou, Dina Vardaramatou, Maria Vasilakou, Natasha Vassiliou, Pavlos Georgiadis, Vassiliki Giatsidou, Philippos Ganoulis, Argyris Ginoudis, Panos Gredis, Dimitris Dermatas, Nontas Euergetis, Christina Efthymiatou , Marilena Iliou, George Ioakeimidis, Lefteris Ioannidis, Xenophon Kontiadis, Anna Lianopoulou, Dimitris Liolios, Alexandros Louizidis, Sotiris Lymberopoulos, Zoe Niomanaki, Lefteris Papagiannakis, Elias Papatheodorou, Nikos Raptis, Olga Stefani, Athanasios Tsakras Ioannis Tsolakis, Maria Ferentinou, Maria Francis.

At the end of the Plenary, the Political Council met and elected Petros Kokkalis to the role of Secretary, who will preside over the Secretariat, to which also elected: Maria Vasilakou, Christina Efthymiatou, Marilena Iliou, George Ioakeimidis, Lefteris Ioannidis and Lefteris Papagiannakis.

After the first meeting of the Secretariat, the following were appointed:

Xenophon Kontiadis Coordinator of Political Planning, Giorgos Ioakeimidis Coordinator of Organization, Elias Papatheodorou Press Spokesman, Dina Vardamaratou Director of the party, Dinos Machiras, Olga Stefani and Panagiotis Fotopoulos members of the Registry Committee.

In the announcement that followed the election of the temporary bodies, it is emphasized that “KOSMOS is taking shape, every day adding new forces and formulating a distinct, integrated and costed proposal for Greece in a new European and international context, but also an environment that has changed radically and it urgently demands our own action.”

The purpose of the political body is “to respond to problems in a responsible, competent and efficient manner, with only social welfare and the public interest in mind.”