Olympiakos letter to Freudfeld: Requests elite or A class referees and warns


In a letter to the head of KED, Peter Freudfeldthe PAE Olympiacos asks for a definition elite or A’ Category referees from major leagues in the playoffs. In fact, he calls on the chief referee to edit himself exclusively for the definitions and “… not your shadow substitutes“, while concluding by stating that “…we reserve all legal rights in the event that the league is affected by your actions or omissions».

The letter in detail:

Mr. Freudfeld,

As you know, next Sunday 10.03.2024 the process of the play offs and play outs of the Super League 1 championship is scheduled to begin. It is the first time with you as the head of the KED that the specific phases of the Championship will be held, during which the title of the champion will be decided on the one hand, and on the other hand the final classification of the teams that will potentially determine the European tickets for the UEFA competitions next period and from the third which teams will be relegated to the second professional category.

Especially in relation to the outcome of the claim of the title of Champion, the competition is very tough and the need to ensure the fairness, equality and integrity of the organization is of the utmost importance after the continuous and repeated phenomena of alteration of the championship that we have witnessed against the normal duration of the event.

We consider it self-evident that you have taken all the necessary actions during the time you were in charge of the Greek Refereeing in order to appoint referees from the Elite category of UEFA Referees or even First (A) Category Referees from the top European leagues ( e.g. England, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands).

In the event that you have not done so, we invite you to immediately and quickly search for Referees with these characteristics in order to manage the Play Off matches, starting from the 1st matchday, for the appointment of which you will be solely in charge and not your shadow substitutes.

Appointing referees who do not meet the specified conditions will jeopardize the conditions of the Championship for which you and your supervisors will be solely responsible.

Finally, we declare that we reserve all legal rights in the event that the championship is affected due to your actions or omissions».

Source: Sport Fm

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