The European People’s Party issued a resounding message to Albania regarding the implementation of the rule of law, on the occasion of the case of the elected Mayor of Heimarra, Freddy Beleris. Specifically, at the EPP Congress held in Bucharest, the Secretary of International Relations of the New Democracy and Member of Parliament of Serres Tasos Hatzivasileioupresented to the plenary an extraordinary resolution of the ND, which was voted and adopted by the European centre-right.

The resolution mentions the gray areas of the Beleri case and points out that after 10 months in prison, the Albanian court just yesterday sentenced him to two years, without taking into account the confession of the main witness in the case, who stated that he was paid by the Albanian police to falsely accuse Beleris. Something that, as emphasized in the resolution, would never happen in any EU state court.

The resolution emphasizes that Albania, as a candidate country for EU membership, must respect the results of the elections, protect the citizens’ right to a fair trial and protect the rights of the Greek minority.

It is also pointed out that the Beleris case is not a bilateral issue but a European one, as it concerns the application of the rule of law and the respect of the rights of the Greek minority.

“In no EU country an elected mayor who is accused with a false indictment could not be imprisoned and not be allowed to assume his duties”, the ND typically said during the presentation of the resolution.