The Minister of Defense, Nikos Dendias, referred to “Agenda 2030” with the aim of reforming the Armed Forces, in his message for March 25.

In particular, the Minister of National Defense, Nikos Dendias, states in his Order of the Day for the National Anniversary of March 25, 1821, addressing the Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers, Soldiers, Sailors, Sergeants, National Guardsmen, Reservists and Civilian Personnel of the Armed Forces:

“Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers, Soldiers, Sailors, Servicemen, National Guardsmen, Reservists and Civilian Personnel,

A full 203 years have passed since the start of the Palingenesis race. The first successful rebellion after the French Revolution in Europe.

It was an example for the rest of the peoples who rose up for their independence, at a heavy historical moment, where Absolutism covered Europe.

We also celebrate the Annunciation of the Virgin, Heroic General of the Greek Armed Forces. The Virgin Mary throughout time protects the Armed Forces and through them our Motherland.

Women and men of the Armed Forces, the celebration of the March 25th Anniversary is not only the fulfillment of a national debt. It is an opportunity for historical and national introspection, an attempt to create an example for young children. For the present and especially for the future of Hellenism as a dominant entity.

We live in an era where geopolitical uncertainty and geopolitical realignments are evolving at breakneck speed.

Greece, relying on its Armed Forces and its reliable foreign policy, has a presence on the international stage.

Maintaining this presence is a priority for our country. But it requires strengthening our deterrent power.

“Agenda 2030”, the plan to reform the Armed Forces, is currently underway. Our goal is to create a modern and efficient Armed Forces, capable of responding to the challenges of the 21st century.

To protect what today is taken for granted. Our independence, our sovereignty, our sovereign rights, the European Acquis.

As the conflicts of the 21st century teach us, there are no given rights if you cannot defend them. No one respects the defenseless.

Revisionism, based on threats and the power of arms and numbers, will not magically disappear from the horizon.

The reform of the Armed Forces is therefore a necessary condition for national survival. This needs to be understood by all and supported by all.

Thank you for your services to the Country and Society. May the Virgin Mary protect you, your families, and Greece.

Long live March 25, 1821!

Long live the Armed Forces!

Cheer for the nation!”