The German president Frank-Walter Steinmeier was received by the Turkish president in Ankara today, Wednesday Recep Tayyip Erdogan, with the two sides disagreeing on the Gaza issue.

“We now want to get off our agenda restrictions on the defense industry. We hope that from now on, in the field of defense, Turkey and Germany will no longer talk about obstacles, but about co-production plans” was the Turkish president’s “bite” about the Eurofighter. Berlin does not consent to the sale of Eurofighters to Ankara.

“I reiterated our call for an end to the 200-day oppression of Gaza.. The Netanyahu endangers the security of the entire region. Netanyahu, in order to prolong his political life, endangers our entire region, including its citizens,” Tayyip Erdogan said. “Efforts to remove the massacre from the agenda should not be credited,” he said.

“We no longer maintain close trade relations (with Israel). This is over… Our foreign minister announced it. Currently the death toll in Gaza due to Israel’s attacks has reached 45,000. This number cannot be ignored. The injured are 75,000. We brought some of them to Turkey. And there is a “heavy” image with children, women… This image must be seen by our German friends. Palestine, Gaza collapsed. Nothing was left standing. The weapon systems, the weapons, the supplies between Gaza and Israel cannot be compared. We have to see these and draw conclusions. And the whole West stands by Israel,” Erdogan added.

“On the issue of the Middle East conflict on some issues we don’t have a common opinion… We also said that at my meeting in Berlin. In the brutal attack on Israel, Hamas killed 1,200 women children and men. He is holding over 300 hostages. In our opinion, this war would not have happened without the attack of October 7″ noted the German president.

“We need to improve the humanitarian situation in Gaza. We must prevent the spread of war in the region, and in this matter Turkey has an important task,” he clarified.

“Freedom of the press and the rule of law are extremely important in the relations between Turkey and the EU” explained Frank-Walter Steinmeier.