For the “opening” of SYRIZA to Nikos Androulakis and Zoe Konstantopoulou the president of the K.O of the party Sokratis Fammelos was called to be appointed, speaking on the show “Today” on SKAI, stressing that the call is addressed to all progressive parties.

“It is a firm choice of SYRIZA to propose alliances first to the grassroots and to progressive parties,” he said and added that “the result of the European elections will obviously send many messages to Mr. Mitsotakis first.”

Asked what the message is, he replied that “his own possible destabilization does not constitute the country’s as well”, he noted and added: “Mr Mitsotakis took over a country with a debt solution and now we are second from the end in terms of purchasing power and Bulgaria is approaching us , while in taxes we are Sweden”.

Regarding the economic program of SYRIZA and how much each measure costs financially, he mentioned as typical examples. Mr. Mitsotakis told us why the government had a surplus of more than 4 billion euros a year and is asking us where we will find the money, when in fact he himself is responsible for a mistake in tax collection?”

Prespa Agreement

Regarding the new challenges from the president of North Macedonia, Mr. Fammelos argued that SYRIZA has condemned the unacceptable statement and the violation of the name agreement and requested that the necessary national measures be taken.

“Greece chose to make an agreement that solves the problem of naming and ancient history, that was closed. If we had ratified the memoranda and the agreements on the books, signs and product names had gone ahead, the conditions would have changed”, he concluded.