“I will take corrective actions,” the prime minister promised Kyriakos Mitsotakis in his interview with Alpha in the wake of the European elections.

“It was a difficult, tiring pre-election period. The result was not what we expected. I always believe in the wisdom of the Greek people. If he wanted to send a message, he did well and sent it now. It is my duty to decode the message. It is my duty to make all the regulatory moves. Those who voted for us didn’t go elsewhere, they tell us “we trust you, but… we have to do better”… I got the message.

I saw the problems even before the ballot box, I understand why some citizens, through their vote or their abstention, wanted to send us this message. The leaf trees have dried up… The land of our homeland is not suitable for such plants he declared emphatically about the promises of the opposition.

Citizens demand more, and faster, pointed out the prime minister.

The accuracy “hurt” the government as well. But we are starting to see a de-escalation of prices in the supermarket. Citizens told us that accuracy is the first problem. We were told “you have to do more”, but we are saying more, within the budget. We will not set endangering fiscal stability clarified.

Regarding freelancers and presumptive taxation, he said that he understands the reaction and the feeling of injustice, but the presumption is “disputable”.

He acknowledged that the ND was damaged by the same-sex couple bill. We’ve been debating for a month about an issue that really concerned very few… We’re not talking about taking back same-sex marriage, but we’re not absolutely no question of adoption arises he clarified.

Leaks to the right are a drop in the ocean, he noted, adding that “problems do not have an ideological label.”

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