Opinion – Walter Casagrande Jr.: Conservative athletes clog our ears; where are the sports democrats?


Some representatives of conservative sport and their behavior are frightening due to lack of respect and ethics, lack of commitment to the truth, prejudice or violence.

For some time now, and it is no coincidence that it is since Jair Bolsonaro became president, sportsmen who never opened their mouths to anything started to feel safe to open their true faces, thanks to the endorsement of the “brochable”.

“Captain” of the conservative representatives of the sport, Ana Paula Henkel, in addition to showing support for violent figures like Daniel Silveira, continues to spread fake news.

She commented on TV, as if it were true, a fake video about an alleged conversation (which did not exist) between the great journalists Fabíola Cidral (UOL) and Vera Magalhães (TV Cultura) during the debate organized by SheetUOL, Rede Bandeirantes and TV Cultura.

The malicious edition aimed to belittle Vera, who had been attacked by Bolsonaro. In the real video, however, Fabíola narrated a dialogue she had had with candidate Simone Tebet (MDB).

Ana Paula says that she corrected herself on the air, but it is serious that she continues to disseminate distorted information.

Last year, I wrote a text about her on Globoesporte. Ana Paula asked for the right of reply and took it. After more than a year, she sued Globo and me for moral damages, asking for compensation of R$50 thousand each.

He already lost in the first instance and even took a hard time from the judge. In her decision, the magistrate wrote that I used my freedom of expression in the text, while she, yes, came to attack me in the personal field.

Not satisfied, Ana Paula called the decision an “ideological sentence”. It doesn’t cross her mind the realization that her accusations are unfounded.

The behavior is similar to that of its “brochable” leader, who for more than a year has already had an excuse for possible defeat in the elections, feeding false suspicions of fraud on electronic voting machines.

Let’s continue in the same sport, volleyball.

How cartoons and comics are bothering homophobes out there, right?
After Maurício Souza (who got tired of making homophobic and fake news publications, including against me) felt offended by the gay kiss of Superman’s son, it was Tandara’s turn to rebel against the “dangerous” drawing of the character Peppa Pig.

She advises parents not to allow their children to watch the animation because there is a female couple there as parents.

Tandara did more: he revealed he was against the participation of trans players in women’s competitions, even though he played with the great Tiffani.

And when she says that the drawing shows an “inversion of values” for our society, it should be corrected: in fact, inversion of values ​​is to demonstrate prejudice, homophobia and to give a poster for fake news. These things, yes, hinder the development of society.

I need to congratulate the players who spoke up right away. Carol Gattaz and Gabi Guimarães protested against this homophobic statement. Fabi and Sheila Castro joined in the chorus.

This demonstration is a lesson for football, where there are several cases of racism, including among players, and (almost) no one says anything.

I would love for more non-conservative sportsmen to speak out because their voice is very important.

The perversity of the “brochable” world

A few days ago, we saw a voter of the “brochable president” say that he will no longer give a lunch box to a lady, Dona Ilza, who depends on donations, after she stated that she would vote for Lula.

The personality difference is stark. Businessman Cássio Cenali said he was a Bolsonarista and she, to his face, said she would vote for Lula.

The video went viral and he apologized, saying he was sorry, but only after a great wave of solidarity formed around Dona Ilza.

Values ​​and principles cannot be bought.

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