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Opinion – In the Race: We need to talk about socks


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If you clicked on this text imagining that the theme would be half marathons, I’m sorry. The subject of the post is far less glamorous. I’ll talk about other socks – the pieces of fabric to put on your feet.

Socks are the supporting players that are literally between the two great protagonists of this sport: sneakers and feet. A kind of love triangle in which the third element only serves a secondary function. They carry all the burdens and no bonuses in a race. Take the test: you only think about them when something goes wrong. Blisters on your feet? Socks fault. But if the training is good, let’s face it, you won’t even remember they exist.

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That ugly duckling racing reputation isn’t fair, and I’m here to prove it. Socks play an important role. On the one hand, they help to absorb – and then repel – excess sweat from your feet. On the other hand, they can help with circulation, stability and muscle recovery. Comfort and support packed into a small piece of cloth.

“The athlete makes high investments in watches and high performance sneakers. Socks are part of this package of sports technology”, says Carlos Eduardo Maciel, director of Compressport, a Swiss company of compression socks. Without opening numbers, he says that sales growth has been expressive in recent months. “The return of street racing increases demand”.

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Below, I try to answer some frequently asked questions about underrated socks.

What are the best running socks?

The answer is simple: the ones you like best. Comfort is the watchword when choosing the best socks. Perhaps the most important – and overlooked – point is the seams. Socks with high seams generate points of friction between the foot and the shoe. The result is the damn bubbles.

And the fabric?

Cotton socks are usually comfortable, but tend to absorb more moisture. Technological materials with polyamide and elastane are more “breathable”, that is, they make it easier for sweat to pass through the fabric mesh and not be in direct contact with the skin.

What are compression stockings and when to wear them?

Don’t confuse compression socks with football socks – these are normal socks, just longer. Compression stockings are very tight and made to help with blood circulation. In addition, it helps in the organization of muscle fibers.

“Compression stockings act on the muscles that are being activated in the race, and the result is an increase in muscular resistance”, explains the orthopedist and traumatologist Ana Paula Simões, president of the Paulista Society of Sports Medicine and Exercise. In addition to being a doctor, Ana Paula is a full-fledged runner, and knows the effect of this equipment in practice.

Thanks to the positive effect on venous circulation, the socks help to deflate the legs after intense training, in addition to offering extra support for those who are not in physical conditioning. But Ana Paula warns: “Socks help, but they don’t replace or compensate for the lack of training”.

Are compression stockings right for everyone?

There is no contraindication for the use of this type of sock in athletes. It’s just that they’re pretty tight – and some runners just don’t fit in them. Another point of attention is the price: some imported models exceed 300 reais.

Will compression socks improve my performance?

Probably not. The benefit is more evident after training, due to the shorter period required for the recovery of the athlete’s musculature.

Is that you? Do you run with any sock or invest in specific products? Leave your comment in the field below or write to Also follow Instagram @rodrigofloresnacorrido.

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