In the “16” of the Europa League Galatasaray and Red Star, Europe continues Marseille


He endured in Italy and left for the “16” of the Europa League Galatasaray, where he will also play Red Star. They continue in Europe Marseille and Rapid.

Fatim Terim’s team remained at 0-0 with Lazio in Rome and sealed the lead in the 5th group of the Europa League, while Marseille prevailed 1-0 over Lokomotiv Moscow and continue in the Conference, as they did not allow the Russians to overtake them in final straight.

The Red Star with scorer Alexander Katai, came 1-1 opposite Braga in Portugal. The former Olympiacos player equalized with a penalty in the 70th minute. His team sealed the qualification as the first and will continue in the “16” of the tournament. The score was opened by Galeno in the 52nd minute for the hosts, who finished second and will play in the playoffs. At the Conference, Midtjylland, which failed to bend the completely indifferent Ludogorets, staying at 0-0 in Bulgaria.

Brigadier General Founta’s Rapid, who prevailed, will play Conference 1-0 of Genk in Belgium and dropped it to fourth place. Prestige victory for Dinamo Zagreb, which beat West Ham 1-0 with a goal by Orsic in just 4 ‘. However, nothing changed in the ranking of the 8th group, as the English were first and the Croats second.

The scoreless Celtic beat me 3-2 Betis, in a game that took place completely in the last twenty minutes, in which he had four goals. The Scots were third, while Ferencvaros celebrated their first points with 1-0 over the already first Leverkusen. The Andalusians had a secured place in the barrages.

5th group

Lazio-Galatasaray 0-0

Marseille-Lokomotiv Moscow 1-0

The rating

1. Galatasaray 12 (7-3)

2. Lazio 9 (7-3)

3. Marseille 7 (6-7)

4. Lokomotiv Moscow 2 (2-9)

6th group

Ludogorets-Midtjylland 0-0

Braga-Red Star 1-1

The rating

1. Red Star 11 (6-4)

2. Braga 10 (12-9)

3. Midland 9 (7-7)

4. Ludogorets 2 (3-8)

7th group

Celtic-Betis 3-2

Ferencvaros-Leverkusen 1-0

The rating

1. Bayer Leverkusen 13 (14-5)

2. Betis 10 (12-12)

3. Celtic 9 (13-15)

4. Ferencvaros 3 (5-12)

8th group

KRC Genk-Rapid Vienna 0-1

West Ham-Dinamo Zagreb 0-1

The rating

1. West Ham 13 (11-3)

2. Dinamo Zagreb 10 (9-6)

3. Rapid Vienna 6 (4-9)

4. KRC Genk 5 (4-10)

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