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Fair play is one of the tiebreakers in the Cup to qualify for the round of 16


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With the second round games closed in some groups, the attention not only of the national teams, but of everyone who follows the Qatar Cup, turns to the chances of qualifying for the round of 16.

Two selections out of four from each bracket advance to the knockout rounds. As there are eight groups (A to H), 16 teams go through to the knockout stage.

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The question that remains is: if selections tie in number of points (a victory is worth 3, and a tie, 1), what are the tiebreaker criteria?

In order, they are as follows:

  1. Goal difference (the difference between goals scored and goals conceded)
  2. goals scored
  3. direct confrontation
  4. Fair play (fair play)
  5. Prize draw
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Regarding fair play, disciplinary criteria established in the Russia Cup 2018, there is a scoring system: yellow card, 1 point; red card (resulting from second yellow card caution), 3 points; red card (direct), 4 points; red card (direct, for player who has already received a yellow card), 5 points.

If there is a need to use this tie-breaking criterion, the selection that adds the lowest number of points will be classified.

In the Russian Cup four years ago, Japan and Senegal finished Group H equal on points (4), goal difference (0), goals scored (4).

As the duel between them ended 2-2, fair play defined the vacancy. Better for the Japanese, who in their three games received four yellow cards, two less than the African team.

What if three teams end up tied on points? In this scenario, there are other criteria used before fair play and the coin toss.

  1. goal difference
  2. goals scored
  3. More points in games involving tied teams
  4. Goal difference in games involving tied teams
  5. Goals scored in games involving tied teams
  6. fair play
  7. Prize draw

In this World Cup, there is a chance of a triple tie between teams, for example, in Group B, which has England with 4 points, Iran with 3, USA with 2 and Wales with 1.

In the decisive round, on Tuesday (29), the duels are England x Wales and Iran x USA.

With a victory for the Welsh and a draw between the Iranians and the Americans, England, Iran and Wales will have 4 points.

The current situation is more favorable to the English, who have a good goal difference (4), as a result of the 6-2 defeat in the debut, against Iran.

In discipline in this group, the biggest disadvantage is for the Welsh, who have a straight red card, given to goalkeeper Hennessey, and three yellows. Iran accumulates four yellow cards, the same amount as the USA. And England is zero.

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