Barcelona coach says he presented project to Endrick


Striker Endrick, 16, has just made his debut for Palmeiras’ professional team, but is already in the sights of major European clubs. Barcelona coach Xavi Hernández has admitted that he has already spoken to the player and his father, Douglas Ramos, about the interest of the Catalan club.

The coach confirmed that he presented them with a Barcelona project to have Endrick in the future. The player will only be able to leave Palmeiras in two years, when he turns 18.

“We’ve been talking with his father and also directly with the player. I explained the project we have at Barcelona. We want talent, and he is a talent, capable of making a difference. He has the goal, he has the dribbling, he has a brutal ability to score. make a difference. He is a player of the present, who is already playing in the Brazilian league, and also of the future”, said Xavi to ESPN.

According to the coach, now it depends on the wishes of Endrick and his family.

“He’s the type of player we need. He already knows the project we have at Barcelona, ​​and we’re talking. I hope he becomes our player. It depends on him. It always depends on the player. Normally, a player will end up playing where he wants to play. So , it’s Endrick’s very personal decision.”

Endrick’s contractual fine is 60 million euros (R$ 334 million). In addition to Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Chelsea and PSG have already shown interest in the Palmeiras revelation.

Xavi also spoke again about the invitation to join the technical commission of the Brazilian national team, in 2021. He confirmed the meeting with Rogério Caboclo, then president of the CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation), but, at the time, said he wanted to invest in his career head coach.

“They went to Qatar and asked me to be part of Tite’s staff. But I wanted to be a coach, not an assistant. I wanted to be a coach. It would be a tremendous opportunity, to make history and be the first European to work for the national team. from Brazil. But, at that moment, it didn’t happen. I was clear that I wanted to be coach of Barcelona, ​​which was my dream, and here I am.”

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